Worker perspectives on Fair Pay Agreements

Security guards feel undervalued because the mahi we do is not reflected in our pay, due to the undercutting in the competitive market in the security industry. A Fair Pay Agreement will be a game-changer. And not just for me, or my colleagues, but for all security guards in the industry. Getting Fair Pay Agreements will transform the security industry for us guards. It’s how we can win things like the Living Wage and proper health and safety, and make sure we get the skills and training we need to do the job safely.

Rosey Ngakopu, security guard

imbalance that is occurring in many New Zealand businesses today. We have an unfair system that allows employers to exploit certain sections of employment by keeping workers on minimum wages and conditions to maximise their profits. Fair Pay Agreements will help curtail this exploitation and bring a degree of fairness and protection to those workers, especially those who have the least amount of bargaining power. It will also stop the current race to the bottom we’re seeing now in various industries and businesses by helping encourage competition that isn’t based on low wages but on better products, services, and innovation.

Jason Fell, E tū Public and Commercial Services Industry Convenor and groundskeeper

Security workers have been at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic response, enabling the public to stay safe. We ask that we are paid fairly for the important role that we play in society. We have been given the support of the public and been thanked for the work that we do, but unfortunately this does not pay the bills.

Lavinia Kafoa, security guard