Organising politically to win big

E tū has a long and proud history of lobbying decision makers to win the changes that our members and our wider communities need. We take our perspective straight to the corridors of power, and work with our community allies in broad-based organising campaigns.

E tū members and activists who get involved in our political campaigns learn about the political system in Aotearoa, where the political power is at the moment, how laws are created, and how to engage with both central and local government.

A key component of our political organising is our new leadership programme, Maranga Ake. Literally meaning ‘Rise Up’, Maranga Ake looks at the fundamentals of politics and how we can best use the power we have. The course runs as two lots of three-day workshops, and participants choose their own campaigns and actions to put their new skills to the test.

Kirstine Bartlett, John Ryall, and Emily Sheffield submitting on the Care and Support (Pay Equity) Settlement Bill

Already, E tū leaders who have participated in the programme have been involved in some fabulous and successful campaigns. Drawing on broad-based organising principles that serve workers’ movements so well in Aotearoa and abroad, the Maranga Ake programme explores these fundamental principles:

Kōrero paki: public narrative

Learning how to tell our own stories is the key to getting our messages across to any audience.

Whakawhanaugatanga: building relationships

A collective movement is all about the relationships between real people and discovering that there is more that brings us together than drives us apart.

Whakatakotoranga: creating structure

Maranga Ake teaches participants how to establish the different roles within a campaign using tried and true organising practices and structures.

Rautaki: developing strategy

A successful campaign always has a solid plan backing it up. It’s all about figuring out what resources are needed, how many people will be involved, what success looks like, and how you will measure it.

Hohenga: action

Once you have the basics sorted, the next step is to get out there and do it! Participants discuss campaign tactics and learn to constantly evaluate what is working and what isn’t.

For more information about Maranga Ake, get in touch with E tū Political Organiser Anaru Ryall:

Handing over a petition to Parliament calling for a fair wage for care and support workers
Marita Sinoti cuts the cake at a joint-union event celebrating cleaners in the public service
The E tū delegation at Taranaki2050 – a conference about the Just Transition in the region
Property services members meeting ministers at Parliament to work together on Fair Pay Agreements.